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It’s Murphy’s law, things always tend to break at the worst possible moment. Just a day before we would depart on our holiday, our front door lock broke, so we couldn’t lock our home. A handyman came to visit us the same day. He repaired our lock, and we could safely go and enjoy our holiday the next day.

Pascal Viskil, Lex subscriber



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Here’s how Lex helps:

  • Domestic coverage across the Netherlands
  • Over 2,000 certified technicians
  • The certainty of quick service and top quality
  • All areas of expertise available
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • No call-out charges
  • 100% warranty

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How does Lex work?

Regardless of the specific repair you need, you’ll just call the same phone number. Quite handy! During this smooth intake, your repair appointment is scheduled immediately.

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A Lex subscription makes life easy: you’ll always have a true expert at your service. Also during calamities.

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