Code of conduct

Zelf regelen

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Lex Woont B.V. (hereinafter: Lex) believes that it is incredibly important for all its members of staff and technicians (hereinafter: technician) to perform all repair work professionally in terms of quality and behaviour. Technicians must therefore abide by the following behavioural rules during their work and contacts with subscribers.



  • The technician only enters an occupied residence in the presence of the subscriber or a representative of the subscriber; he also never stays alone in the residence.
  • The technician will wear appropriate (work) clothing and have a proper appearance.
  • The technician will not consume any alcohol and/or drugs during work, nor be under the influence of any such substances.
  • The technician does not smoke in or nearby a residence (occupied or empty).
  • The technician does not use a radio, iPod or other sound equipment during his work.
  • The technician will not have private conversations with either his business phone or his own phone in the vicinity of the subscriber. The technician will not use the phone of the subscriber.
  • Subscribers are always addressed with a polite ‘Sir/Madam’, regardless of their age, and are always addressed decently and politely.
  • During the visit, the technician will refrain from making any negative, ironic or sarcastic remarks about the subscriber, the condition of the residence, the own company, Lex and/or the owner of the property.
  • Subscribers will always be treated and looked at respectfully and politely, regardless of their ethnic background, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and/or political beliefs. Any verbal or non-verbal expressions with a discriminating or sexist nature are self-evidently strictly prohibited. The technician will speak respectfully about the subscriber both during and after work hours.
  • The technician will process all subscribed information he sees or possesses carefully and confidentially, while respecting the privacy of subscribers and not improperly using any knowledge in this context.


Work commencement

  • Unloading materials from the vehicle must take place by the technician at a location where parking is permitted. If this is reasonably impossible, materials can be unloaded elsewhere, after which the vehicle must be properly parked prior to work commencement.
  • The technician is in possession of a proper identification card that shows that he is employed by or a maintenance partner of Lex. The technician always shows this ID when visiting an occupied residence.
  • Upon entering the residence, the technician always wipes his shoes, regardless of the condition of the residence. OHS regulations forbid technicians to take off their shoes or any protective equipment.
  • Upon entering, the technician informs the subscriber about the purpose and objective of his visit, while referring to the appointment made for that purpose.


Work performance

  • While working in an occupied residence, the technician is a guest. This means that he behaves himself as a guest and takes proper measures to prevent any nuisance to a minimum.
  • While working in an occupied residence, the technician always first asks for permission for using any facilities (toilet, kitchen, bathroom, etc.). These facilities are only used in cases of extreme urgency.
  • The technician asks for permission to move private possessions of the subscriber. If it is obvious that these are valuable possessions, the technician requests the subscriber to move them.
  • The technician performs the work diligently and correctly.
  • The technician will only accept coffee or tea if the subscriber actively offers it.
  • The technician will inform the subscriber about the work he is performing and about next steps.
  • The technician will immediately inform both the subscriber and Lex about any damage he may have caused.


Work completion

  • If any furniture or other goods were moved during the work, the technician will return them to their original place once work is completed. Any waste or uncleanliness produced by the technician are cleaned and disposed of by him.
  • Any access points opened by the technician will be closed by him at the earliest possibility.
  • The technician informs the subscriber of completion of the work and provides for any applicable instruction, such as the measures required for optimal usage of an element, or how to prevent any malfunctions in the future.
  • Upon leaving the residence, the technician asks if the subscriber is entirely satisfied.