How does Lex work?

Every single day, Lex supports his subscribers with their repair requests. As a subscriber, you are guaranteed that your repairs will be completed, for a fair price. With Lex, you can count on quality and warranty. No matter what kind of repair you need, you’ll always call the same number.


1.  The discovery

Imagine walking into your bathroom and discovering a leakage. Or arriving at home at night and the light won’t switch on. Or you’ve locked yourself out as you’ve lost your key. These are just some examples of unpleasant surprises that often cost a lot of time.

2.  Call Lex and submit your repair request

Regardless of what’s wrong: you pick up your phone and call Lex at +31(0)88 – 011 70 50.

3.  Tell Lex what´s wrong.

During office hours you will directly speak to one of the Lex staff members. Outside of office hours you can only report calamities to Lex. All our staff members are knowledgeable and will collect as much information about your repair request on the phone as possible. Lex knows his subscribers, so you won't have to give any information about your home. Moreover, you immediately hear whether the request falls within the subscription or whether you have to take extra costs into account for this repair request. Lex uses fixed rates for various repair requests outside the subscription. See our price overview for this. Do notify Lex if you are moving though, so Lex can take this into account.

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4.  Schedule an (urgent) appointment

An appointment for your request is directly scheduled in the technician's agenda. This offers you immediate certainty of how to proceed. You will receive a confirmation of this appointment by e-mail. In case of a calamity - a gas leakage or clogged drain for instance - a technician will arrive at your doorstep within 2 hours.

5.  You receive a text message

Lex will punctually update you about the appointment, and send you a reminder mentioning the date and time of the appointment 24 hours in advance. You also receive a notification when the technician departs from his previous location to enable you to take this into account. If anything changes in the planning, Lex will immediately inform you as well.

6.  The Lex technician will carry out the repair…

Lex works exclusively with certified technicians to guarantee that you receive quality, service and warranty.

7.  …and leave everything tidy

Repairs may sometimes cause a bit of nuisance, but Lex ensures that the technicians always clean up what became messy..

8.  You receive a report afterwards

The mechanic always takes pictures of the situation and the completed repairs. If the insurance asks for a report, Lex will send it to you; free of charge.

9.  How happy are you?

The most important indicator of our service is customer satisfaction. Lex will send you an e-mail to inform how satisfied you are after each completed repair.

10.  The bill: no surprises

As a subscriber, you won’t even receive an invoice. Unless the intake shows that your request is not covered by the subscription. In that case you will receive an invoice based on the fixed rate for specific repairs.

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