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The easiest way to subscribe is right here on our website,using this page.  You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation with all the information you need. If you need us urgently, you can also subscribe by phone. Call us at +31(0)88 - 011 70 50.
Yes, your subscription will start immediately.
No, not every single repair is covered by your subscription. First: Lex will only carry out actual repairs as a part of your subscription. Second: the costs of your repair request are covered up to € 500 with your subscription. In a (rare) situation that your repair would exceed this amount, the additional costs are charged per minute.
The Lex team selects partners to complete your repairs. All of them are experts who know how to professionally carry out repairs. Someone will therefore visit you to complete your repair on behalf of Lex. As we only work with certified professionals, you receive quality, service and warranty. Lex enforces strict rules with which the expert must abide, and which we verify.
No, Lex does not work with estimates. An estimate is always, well, an estimate, in which the expert takes various uncertain aspects and risks into account. This means you’ll often pay too much for your repair. Lex analyses the costs of all repairs we completed (over 350,000). That’s why Lex offers fixed rates for repairs that aren’t included with your subscription.
Ai, that’s unpleasant. And Lex even sent you an additional text message to remind you when the repair expert would visit your home. Of course, Lex will return to help you, but he couldn’t carry out any work while waiting for you the first time, so he’ll have to send you a € 60 bill for that time spent.

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Lex Woont B.V.
Laan van Vredenoord 15
2289 DA Rijswijk (ZH)
  The Netherlands
+31(0)88 - 011 70 50
Chamber of Commerce: 65558537
RSIN: 856161445