Each day, over 2,000 handymen are available at Lex to complete your repair. In total, Lex already completed over 350,000 repairs throughout the Netherlands. Our subscribers value the service and warranty offered by Lex. This reflects in our customer satisfaction rating: an 8.2 out of 10! Please find a few reviews of actual customers below.  



Pascal Viskil:

It’s Murphy’s law, things always tend to break at the worst possible moment. Just a day before we would depart on our holiday, our front door lock broke, so we couldn’t lock our home. A handyman came to visit us the same day. He repaired our lock, and we could safely go and enjoy our holiday the next day.

Anja Ruis:

Lex repaired a leaking sink for me. I’m very pleased about their quick and professional work. They arrived at my doorstep within two hours! The handyman did a great job. Well done Lex!

Rita van Deursen:

The estimates some companies sent me were astonishingly high. My Lex subscription certainly helped me to save a lot of money!

Nel Uitendaal:

Since we have a Lex subscription, those small or larger repairs needed at home don’t cause the stress they used to.

Gerrit Weerdmeester:

This is so easy: having a broken window in my patio door replaced was taken care of with a single phone call. No more hassle with estimates and comparing reviews.