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1.1   These conditions apply to every offer of Lex and every agreement concluded between you and Lex.

1.2   Prior to entering into the agreement as a distance contract, these conditions will be offered to you in a digital form. If this is reasonably impossible, Lex will inform you where to review these conditions at Lex and that they can be sent to you at no charge as soon as possible.

1.3   Lex reserves the right to apply (additional) conditions prior to entering into an agreement with a (candidate) Subscriber, or to refuse a requested subscription while providing an explanation for doing to. One reason for such a refusal may be that the residence does not meet certain minimum requirements determined by Lex.

1.4   In these conditions, the following words have the following meaning:
Subscriber is the private individual not acting in a professional capacity who enters into an agreement with Lex, digitally or otherwise.
subscription is the subscription in which specific repair jobs are included in the monthly fee paid to Lex by the subscriber. An overview of the repairs included in the subscription is available on
resident is the subscriber and owner, tenant or (co-)resident of the residence.
office hours are business days between 08:00 hours and 17:00 hours (GMT+1) with the exception of national holidays in the Netherlands.
Lex is the private company with limited liability Lex Woont B.V., located at (2289 DA) Rijswijk, the Netherlands at the Laan van Vredenoord 15.
technician is someone deployed by Lex to perform repair works.
agreement is the agreement between the subscriber and Lex to which these conditions apply.
repair request is a single request from the subscriber to repair something in a residence that can be executed as such by technicians as a directly executable order.
repair works is the work originating from repair requests consisting of repairing or, if necessary, replacing the structural elements in which the malfunction or defect has occurred.
urgent situation is a malfunction or defect that poses a hazard or will cause more permanent damage if not solved rapidly.
urgent repair request is a repair request in an urgent situation.
conditions are these subscription conditions corresponding to the subscription including the description of the services and the corresponding information as mentioned on
residence is the house in the Netherlands where subscriber lives as the owner, tenant or (co-)resident when the agreement is concluded.



2.1  Lex ensures that all repairs are completed in compliance with the agreement and these conditions. Furthermore, Lex will ensure that all repairs:

  • comply with the requirements set forth in the applicable (environmental) laws and regulations, generally accepted criteria and all fire safety requirements;
  • are properly executed;
  • are executed in a way that causes a minimum amount of nuisance;
  • are performed by carefully selected and certified technicians; and
  • are performed in the most sustainable and environment-friendly way, for instance by using sustainable materials.

2.2   The behaviour of every Lex technician and member of staff towards the residents must comply with the ‘Lex Code of Conduct’, which is available at:

2.3   The subscription includes a maximum of two repair requests per month. Not included in the subscription are repair requests (including the required materials) in exceedance of a maximum cost of € 300. For such repairs, the costs incurred by the technician in exceedance of this amount will be charged based on the registered hours, applies materials and a registration of the actions performed in the relevant house. For work not covered by the subscription, an estimate will be offered in advance. These expenses will invoiced to Subscriber afterwards and separately. The invoice is subject to a 7 day payment term.

2.4   Specific repairs not included in the subscription, but carried out by Lex for a fixed price, are specified on the page: . Invoicing of any such work will take place at the first opportunity after work completion, and no later than on a monthly basis. Invoices are subject to a 7 day payment term after completion.

2.5   For urgent requests, Lex will endeavour to have a technician present to commence the work within three hours of the initial urgent repair request. Urgent repair requests are described on the

2.6  Lex has the liberty to contract technicians, subcontractors and similar third parties to carry out the repair works.



3.1   At the beginning of the subscription, the applicant pays a one-off € 39.95 registration fee. If the beginning of the subscription coincides with an urgent repair request, the applicant pays a one-off registration fee of € 99.95. In addition to the registration fee, Subscriber will pay the monthly subscription fee to Lex in advance at the beginning of the subscription. With this application, Subscriber issues a direct debit authorisation to Lex for the automatic payment of the subsequent monthly fees.

3.2   If nobody is present at the house on the moment agreed upon for performing the repair works, a no-show fee is charged. If this occurs, Lex is entitled to charge the associated costs of € 60. A scheduled appointment can be cancelled or changed free of charge up to 48 hours prior to the appointment.

3.3   Lex has the right to index the prices for the repairs and materials once a year, pursuant to the Dutch BDB index for the construction industry (reference moment October to October). Lex will actively inform about any upcoming price increases. If Subscriber does not wish to accept any such increase, he has the right to terminate the subscription before the price increase starts applying.

3.4   If the monthly direct debit by Lex is unsuccessful, Subscriber will receive an e-mail notification from Lex. If Subscriber does not meet his payment obligations timely, he will receive a proper default notice from Lex, stating a period in which the payment can be made. If this period is exceeded without having received the payment, both the legal interest rate and extrajudicial debt collection fees are owed over the amount.



4.1   Subscriber will provide Lex with all cooperation that may be reasonably expected, and will always timely provide for the relevant information and cooperation. Should this not happen on-time or at all, then Lex has the right to suspend the work performance and charge Subscriber with any additional expenses made as a result.

4.2   Subscriber guarantees the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide to Lex. If any damage is covered by an insurance company, it remains the sole responsibility of Subscriber at all times to (timely) report the damage to the relevant insurance company or other entities at all times.

4.3   The agreement is not entirely or partially transferrable to any third party without the prior written consent of Lex.


5.1   The duration of the agreement is one year from its initial commencement date. After this year, the agreement is tacitly converted to an agreement for an indefinite period. The agreement may then be terminated by either Lex or Subscriber by informing the other party in writing and observing a one month notice period.

5.2   The agreement is concluded digitally and is therefore governed by the Dutch law for distance contract (‘Wet koop op afstand’). Subscriber has a 14 day cooling-off period, starting on the day after the day on which the agreement was entered into. During this period, Subscriber may cancel the agreement by informing per e-mail and without being required to state any reasons. Any costs already paid by Subscriber will then be returned as soon as possible and no later than within 14 days.

5.3 If Subscriber requests Lex to commence any repair before the 14 day cooling-off period ends, express consent is given to costs being incurred for the completion of the repairs. Doing so means that the cooling-off period is waived.



6.1   The communication between yourself and Lex will primarily take place digitally. Digital communication is deemed to have been received on the day it was sent, unless the contrary is proven by the recipient. If the sender is aware that any digital communication might not have been received, he will endeavour to deliver the message to the recipient in another way.

6.2   Lex processes and stores personal information in compliance with all applicable (privacy) laws and regulations, and ensures that appropriate technical and organisational measures are implemented to protect personal information against loss, abuse, unauthorised access, publication and modifications. More information about how Lex protects your privacy is available in our privacy policy on the page:



7.1   Lex will ensure that all repair works comply with the specifications mentioned in the agreement and these conditions, as well as all applicable laws and regulations. Any shortcomings must be reported to Lex within four weeks after completion of the relevant repairs. For products used, Lex maintains an equal warranty period as is offered by the manufacturer of said products.

7.2   Lex will repair any and all damages caused by an actual or threatening environmental contamination as quickly as possible. If the environmental contamination already existed, or if the prohibited materials were already present prior to commencement of the repairs, Subscriber will fully reimburse all reasonable expenses made by Lex (for instance for the disposal of asbestos-containing materials).



8.1   The agreement and these conditions are solely governed by Dutch law. Any disputes that might arise as a result from, or which are connected to, the agreement or conditions shall be exclusively brought before the competent courts in the Netherlands.

8.2   This English version of these conditions are a translation of the original Dutch conditions. Although this translation was performed by a properly specialised independent third party, human errors or interpretative differences can never be entirely prevented. These English conditions are therefore exclusively offered to you as a service, while the Dutch version remains the sole applicable version.